Alpha Chi, the oldest sorority on campus, was originally a group of High School girls who united on October 29, 1918. Their purpose was to boost the morale of servicemen overseas by sending them letters and knitting socks for them. Upon entering college, the girls adopted the Greek name, Alpha Chi and continued the overseas correspondence. After the war, the sorority continued at Chico State University and pledged itself to the four principles we maintain today.



Muriel Stanford Bernard                Marian LaShelle         Mabel Mahon Stile


Blanche Olben Thompson           Athelia Dwyer Ellery        Eunice Markham McAvoy


Leita Boyles Rasmussen      Millicent Mayer Kennedy      Edna Marshall Johnston



Winona McLean
Megan Crow Brooks
Chelsey Crowell Schamroth
Nicole Davis Jones
Erin Bozarth
Jennifer Tapper
Carrie Izant Steffes
Jennifer Miller Chavez
Catherine Reinmiller
Kristina Gilman

In November of 1994, the Alpha Chi active chapter voted to join a national sorority without the support of the Alpha Chi Alumni. Three dedicated Alpha Chi Actives stayed true to the four principles they had pledged themselves to and, with the help of the Alumni, seven women joined to become the Spring 1995 pledge class. Together, these 10 dedicated women are an inspiration to all present, as well as future Alpha Chis, and shall now be known as Refounding Sisters.

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